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Insights & Strategy

Deep market and customer insights are developed based on your organization’s goals and capabilities. They are organized in ways that are stimulating and easy to understand and socialize across your organization. 

These sources can include market, customer and competitive information that already exists within your organization, or new research and market intelligence can be done. Health Market Planning will accommodate your budget and timeline.


The process begins with an organizational goals and capabilities assessment including operations, sales, marketing and service. This will guide the subsequent market assessment and strategy so it customized and actionable.

The assessment will result in a summary presentation and report(s) customized to client’s need and market.  It will include:


•             Key market trends, opportunities, and challenges

•             Recommendations and implications for sales, marketing and the business

•             Requirements for operationalization

•             Detail on competitors and other market player activities

•             Detail on current and anticipated market and customer needs

•             Plan to socialize within client organization to gather feedback and readiness for implementation


All strategies and insights are customized to client’s needs and can be as broad or narrow as is needed by the client. 


Health Market Planning has deep market research and analytic capabilities. We can work with existing intelligence and research to save time and work within budgets.  Health Market Planning can also conduct new research to give you greater depth and precision in developing market strategies and go-to-market plans. 

The Health Market Planning partner network includes companies with broad and deep background in health market research, analytics, and competitive intelligence. This includes standard quantitative research, analytics and advanced statistics. It also includes contemporary methods which reflect the ways in which brand and product preference is created in a wired and complex world, including co-creation, online communities, word of mouth capture, and online and in-person ethnographic.

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